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Display Details  

Display Fee £999 VAT inc | Duration 6 Minutes approx* | Fired from 3 launch positions** | Loud or quiet | Musical options available 
As with our Dancing Confetti display but with more firepower throughout. After a double shell with fanned mine show starter to get your guests attention the display settles to 5 ground level blinking strobes lighting up the main features of the venue behind a 25ft high wall of sparks from 5 delicate yet volcanic fountains. Next double fanned comet effects seem to travel forever as they criss cross through the sky followed by an array of straight & fanned shot boxes whilst fanned roman candles fill the gaps. The entire display is accompanied by double hits of impressive high calibre aerial shells. The final minute will get more & more intense before hitting the sky hard with a big aerial shell finale. The final colours fade, new memories now made 

Exclusively Designed for your Wedding 

In terms or the actual effect content, each one of our displays are exclusively designed for your wedding, to fit your requirements and to get the very best from the venue characteristics. If you need further advice or are looking to include something just a little different just give us a call on 01769560565 or contact us via email sales@brightburstfireworks.co.uk and one of our team will be more than happy to assist you. 



We will contact all the relevant parties to ensure full permission is granted for your display. This could include, police, fire, coast guard and the CAA if your event is in the vicinity of an airport. 


We use the latest satellite imagery to view the site and liaise with the venue to establish a safe and suitable firing site. An in person site visit will be performed for new venues if necessary. 


Design and planning of your show to your specification of time, colours and duration. Including any extras such as music or special effects. A minimum of two full BPA trained, professional firers to set up and fire your display. 


We carry full public liability insurance of £5 million. (we’ve never had to use it as we have 100% safety record) 


Each display is risk assessed in line with the latest HSE and Government guidelines to ensure any concerns are addressed. 


It’s company policy to ensure we remove as much debris and rubbish from the firing site as possible. It’s one of the reasons some venues will only allow us to provide their fireworks. Of course it’s not possible to remove everything and anything that is left behind is fully bio-degradable. 


Show starter £40 (The bride and groom push the button to start the display) | Add Music £250 (Chorographed to your favourite music) Finale Upgrade £100 (Our finales are already big, but bigger is always better) | Double Finale £100 (why have one, have as many as you like) 
* Exact show times may differ due to weather conditions and venue characteristics. 
** Subject to risk assessment. 

Our previous clients have said 

"Brightburst did the fireworks for my wedding and wow! the fireworks themselves were amazing! the best I have ever seen. The service from beginning to end was really professional and they were happy do anything for us. absolutely flawless. thank you so much" Charlotte Brown, Weirmarsh Farm 07/12/16 
"The firework display was brilliant, super professional standard and everyone was really impressed. The finale was really spectacular. Oliver and team were friendly and enthusiastic throughout and it was clear they really care about putting on a spectacular show" B Thorogood 
"Thank you for supplying and creating such a fabulous fireworks display for our wedding at Deer Park Hotel. We were thoroughly impressed and we managed to keep it a surprise till the very end" James & Milly Dingle 

 Discuss your wedding fireworks with us 

Call us today to discuss your wedding fireworks with us. We're an extremely friendly and knowledgeable team of firework enthusiasts who take great pride in our displays. 
T: 01769 560 565 / 07799 59 58 53 
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